E.C. Meeting at Friends Seminary 11/14/08

This past friday marked the first Core Leader meeting and second Executive Committee meeting of DAIS’ tenth year. 

Nearly an hour before the EC meeting, the newly-elected Core Leadership met with the organizations founding directors, Mr. and Mrs. Marable, to discuss the year’s agenda.



 After the main meeting of the day started, the students of the Executive Committee collaborated to decide the topic of discussion for the next week’s general meeting at the Nightingale Bamford School.


After a few prospective topics were floated around the room, a general consensus was found in the discussion of the recent passing of Proposition 8 in the state of California.


Along with the topic, a fitting discussion title, “What’s love got to do with it?- ‘Proposition 8’ and sexuality”, along with a meeting icebreaker were drafted and approved by the Committee.

together-they-made-historyas the meeting came to a close it was clear that it had been yet another DAIS success, and one that not only yielded great ideas, but also exhibited a brilliant cross-section of New York City’s high school students. In attendance were public, private and catholic school students ranging from the eighth to twelfth grades.

In closing, we here at DAIS would like to thank those who attended the meeting and The Friends Seminary School for donating the use of their facilities. 

*If you would like learn more about Proposition 8 and the controversy surrounding it to prepare in advance for friday’s discussion, feel free to read on the topic here(Wikipedia) or here(NY Times).

Summary by S. Hazarika

Photography by K. Marable


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